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hunters-logo  A “Smart” decision to join Hunters

We are a very busy business right now, the market is with us and the franchise proposition is proving extremely popular as we launch somewhere around 3-5 new openings per month and have the best part of 50 proceeding applications. Its great therefore when a new branch opens for them to have a launch event, this provides a brilliant platform to announce to their local community “Hunters are here!” and that’s exactly what happened for one of our new branches this week, Stoke on Trent.

I first visited the owners Kerry and Dan Smart last autumn, they had a very successful lettings business in their own right, but it was the right time to expand their company and launch into the sales market (this is something we are very good at adding). Kerry and Dan do not do things by half, so along with refurbishing their branch, attending numerous training courses, installing new computers, preparing for Christmas, looking after 2 young children, they thought there was just enough time to squeeze in a 2 week cruise and……..get married!

Their launch event was brilliant, these people are the perfect fit for us as franchise partners, they are hard working, keen to invest and above all understand that the customer is the most important person. A number of us attended and the feedback from the public was really positive, am certain this will be a leading Hunters branch in a very short period of time.

Everyone at Hunters wish Kerry, Dan and the entire Stoke on Trent team all the very best with their new business venture. If you happen to be a local Stoke resident and are thinking about moving, give them a call, am certain that their enthusiasm and persistence, coupled with our brilliant marketing systems will get you moving. Check out their home page


Andy Bushell