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As the high street tentatively opens its doors to customers, a little like emerging from a long hibernation, the truer picture of post-lockdown Britain starts to emerge. Businesses have had to evaluate their operating practices and update many systems that do not serve them anymore.

Social distancing posters and floor markers are now the norm. One way systems seem to be the accepted way of keeping everyone safe in addition to maximum customer numbers – although you do have to make a large loop back through the system if you miss a product on the first run through- I suppose this is just another indicator of the forward planning we all have to embark on whether we are the service provider, or the consumer.

Re-evaluating the practices we take for granted, especially the ones we do seemingly without conscious thought, has been a difficult task; shaking hands on greeting people, passing equipment to each other, sharing desk space, looking over someone’s shoulder to look at a screen are all examples of the simple nuances of everyday working life that can now have catastrophic consequences if we get these things wrong.

Here at Hunters we have been working hard throughout the pandemic to look at how we do things, and where we can do things differently to make sure we always keep our customers and staff safe.

One of the areas we looked at during our remote working phase, has been that of maintaining customer confidence in the Hunters brand, and we have come up with our pledge to our customers, tenants, colleagues, and suppliers, with our ‘Putting Safety First’ initiative which can be viewed here. We also have ensured that safety is integrated into every element of our business- we have written a protocol for office-based staff, move ins and outs, property management visits, and market appraisals, instructions, and viewings. These protocols are integral to maintaining and promoting our strong position on the high street as a brand to be trusted.

Fortunately, our investment in technology and prop-tech software solutions in the past has meant we are continuing to offer our same high levels of service without compromising on safety. Many estate agency businesses have not been so fortunate, and once the furlough scheme draws to a close, the true impact of Coronavirus on businesses and communities will be felt. For many independent estate agencies, the ability to access such a high level of investment in infrastructure is beyond reach, but now could be the perfect time to reach out to us and explore the benefits of becoming a Hunters Franchisee – this business option enables you to continue trading as an independent business, but with all the support and access to resources only available to a large national brand. We offer all our franchisees access to our prop-tech solutions, heavily discounted portal fees, guidance and training on all aspects of the estate agency industry, marketing support, and a dedicated team to work alongside to support and grow your business.

To find out how we can help you transition into the new normal, get in touch today to start your franchise journey.

Stay safe,

Andy Bushell