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Building Your Franchised Business With a Growth Mindset

A positive business mindset

With any business, your mindset matters just as much as your product or service, if not more! If your dreams are small, so will your results be, and that’s not to say you need to boast delusions of grandeur, you just need to be slightly scared of your ambitions at all times. Having this mindset is often what makes people brave enough to establish their own businesses and franchises, and it is a brave thing to do, there’s no denying that.


A growth mindset

The thing is, you need more than a good business mindset in order to be successful in the long run. Though nobody wants to think about the challenges and setbacks that come with any endeavour, it is important to be prepared for them. This is where a growth mindset comes in. The term growth mindset was termed over 30 years ago by Caroline Dweck who researched the different ways that people respond to failures. Some crumbled, some came back stronger. What was the difference? The way they perceived growth, learning, challenges and failure.

That last word can be scary. Failure. It isn’t likely to have conjured a warm fuzzy feeling inside you. We’re told that failure is the ultimate bad, and it isn’t great, but it’s rarely final. Really, it’s just an opportunity to learn and grow. Seeing it as the final destination is having a ‘fixed mindset’, the growth mindset is about learning and growing from mistakes. Moving from a fixed mindset to a growth one doesn’t happen overnight, but nor is it impossible. The brain is more malleable than most of us think, so don’t even start with the “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” line!

money-stacked-up  How does all of this relate to franchising? Well, franchising requires the constant will to be learning and developing. Even if you have initial success in your first location, success in your second, third or fourth branch isn’t guaranteed. You have to be ready to learn, to face down new challenges, and really throw yourself into learning the intricacies and subtleties of each new community you’re in. This is especially true with estate agency, because the difference a couple of postcodes can make is phenomenal. Expectations of price vary, as do attitudes towards community engagement, PR and social media tactics. Discovering the crucial combination almost always includes learning from your mistakes. The fact that we don’t crumble, but instead take the positives from the situation and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to the next plan is what makes us stronger than our competitors. Even when the wider market is experiencing difficulty Hunters are growing stronger than ever.

Having this mindset of constant improvement has been key to Hunters success. It has what has taken us from opening our first branch in York 25 years ago, to then extending to a franchise model, and now there are over 200 branches across the UK! 11 of these branches are owned, and the rest are franchised. And we’re not done yet! We’re still growing, still learning and still adding new franchises each month. This year alone another 7 branches have joined the Hunters Franchise Network. There’s always more in the works, but to say we’ve only just gone into June, we’re pretty delighted with that!

Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep failing. And then do it all again. It’s the ultimate path to success, just ask our 209 (and counting) offices.

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