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social-media  Can Social Media Sell Houses?

Last weekend I was out for dinner with a good friend of mine who holds a senior post within one of the large corporate estate agency chains. Just for a change our conversation turned to estate agency (mine is bigger than yours and all that) and I asked him how his company used social media. Now, in order to protect the innocent I will not name my friend instead, lets call him Mr Pink (he will like that, it reminds me of the rubbish wine he insisted on ordering!) as his views were unbelievable!

Mr Pink is, I hate to say it, a typical estate agent still living in the 80’s, who thinks that modern technology and marketing efforts are “no match for good estate agency practices” and that social media is quite simply a “fad”. The problem for Old Pinky is that he simply does not understand social media and the benefits that it can bring to an estate agency business, but more importantly to the customer. A while back Facebook changed their rules which now allows their site to be used as sales tool, we at Hunters utilise this by adding a full search engine to our franchisees pages, customers can then search for properties on the move.

Twitter is also a brilliant tool for proactive agents (check me out @abushell1 plug plug) as it gives them the chance to market properties and work within the local communities, our branches are brilliant at this. I follow our East Grinstead office that have a large following of local residents and they are their as the branch is constantly supplying interesting local news, promoting local businesses as well as marketing properties – and you know what, the customers love it!

Social media is not to replace a good hard-working agent, it is one of many extras that combined will produce an overall sales experience for the customer.


Social media a “fad” then Pinky? Tell that to the 800 million Facebook users! Whether Mr P gets out of the dark ages or not is down to him, whether you instruct an agent covering ALL basis though is down to you!

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Andy Bushell