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for-sale  Do I sell now or in the New Year?

Now there’s a questions estate agents up and down the country get asked constantly from this point on and the answer is simple – do you want to move now or in the new year?

People tend to worry about the housing market “what’s the market like right now?” or “prices rising?” are also extremely common questions, but everyone misses the key facts, which is that if you have a good property and the price is right, it WILL sell So for those of you who are now thinking about selling (like my friend Jamie, who started me thinking about all of this) then here are a couple of small tips to help you shift your house before the tinsel comes out of the loft!

Price is important

Getting the price right is important. Most property sells (or at least drives most of their interest) from the internet and you need to think about how people search for property – for instance customers will search up to £200,000 so if you are on at £205,000 you will not show. A good agent will advise you on this and they can also share with you the click through rates (CTR) which show how many customers are looking at your property on the internet

Summer is over so tidy up!

Now that the summer is all but behind us, most gardens (you should see the state of mine) start to die off and it’s important that you get the hedges trimmed back and keeping cutting that lawn! When you’re on the market the photographs are really important as is the viewing – you don’t want your potential buyer rejecting your property because of a few over grown rhododendrons!

Get rid of the clutter

Clutter is a nightmare for estate agents as it is often the vendors pride and joy. Trust me on this one (I am an estate agent!) you need to box up all the clutter and get it out. I went to a house once many years ago and the couple selling collected dolls – and you have never seen the amount they had, thousands. Not only did it look terrible, it was strangely scary, come on who has 3,500 dolls on display in a 3 bed terrace!


So there you have it, a couple of tips for you at this time of the year, one final one though – get a good agent and remember a good agent is not the one that charges £299 all in! Get an agent that will advise on the above and will talk about internet CTR’s and de cluttering as they are the one who know what they are talking about……just like me!

Andy Bushell