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bully  Don’t let them bully you!

I was on a branch/business visit recently, which is my favourite part of the job. As a franchisor we pride ourselves on the level of support, training and coaching we offer – it is critical to the success of a new business in particular. This visit was a new business and they have been trading now for around 6 months and things are going well, a valuation was booked into the diary and I jumped at the chance to go on the appointment with the valuer, which was really interesting.

The property was lovely and the couple who owned it had been there for 40 years and had seen a new build apartment for the over 60’s. After we had toured their home and sat down to discuss marketing and pricing etc. They started to explain what had happened the day before when they made an offer on a new apartment. The sales advisor in the show home had started by saying that there would be no offers, but they would reduce the price by £5,000 bringing it below the stamp duty threshold, they would further have to put £500 down and that they must be in a position to exchange within 4 months or they will lose the lot – the deposit and the price would increase therefore costing them a further £5,000 in tax. This poor old couple were terrified, they desperately needed to move into this type of property, but the way the sales advisor/builder was dealing with the enquiry was simply unfair. Whilst I don’t expect developers to reserve plots with no real assurance, the pressure they were adding was just wrong, so we dealt with it for them!

We contacted the developer and discussed it with them, they tried to pull the same line, but were not having it. We explained what our clients would be doing and furthermore made it clear that we were now dealing with the purchase on behalf of our clients. This developer has lots of plots to sell here and they have a limited audience, therefore they were not in a position to be quite so demanding.


The couple now have a proceedable offer on their home and are looking good to get the property they dream of. This is because they have a good agent, working hard to sell their home, you cant let these developers bully you, get good advice and stick with it.

Andy Bushell