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estate-agents-franchise  Franchising is good Ralphy because…

A good friend of mine is a little negative when it comes to franchising (in fact he is very negative!). We often have telephone “banter” about it (although it was worse when I was a banker, but can’t write about that!!) and I am always trying to explain the benefits, but he normally talks over me, or laughs! So this is my time JR, franchising is good because…

The key thing about franchising is power and strength. Power in various ways but particularly to purchase and strength of brand. Ever wondered how the small shop retailers have been able to stay in business whilst Tesco and the other supermarkets open store after store, yep franchising! By bringing the retailers together their buying power has increased massively, keeping them trading. Advertising also benefits as many franchise businesses have central marketing funds that all outlets pay into. Think about how Subway pay for their TV campaigns or how Dominoes are able to sponsor Britain’s Got Talent – central funds and look at the impact this has had for them.

The strength of a brand is also key particularly in creating networks, technology, marketing, training and support. Consumers buy into a consistent product, take McDonalds for instance, they have franchise outlets across the world serving exactly the same products in the same environments. This is down to the quality of the franchise product.

How could I write this without a tiny advert for Hunters (I am the Sales Director!) as we pride ourselves on “lowering costs”, “increasing incomes” and helping our franchisees “expand quickly and profitably” – you should see our national marketing campaign in the major newspapers across the UK.

Franchising really is the future for many sectors, joining brilliant individuals together, under a quality brand and system.

My mate is an intelligent guy and also a very good estate agent, surely now he will appreciate the benefits of franchising ….. Mr Ralph?


Andy Bushell