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Hunters Franchisees come together for National Virtual Valuation Week.

As I write this, we are in our 7th week of lockdown in the UK, and there seems to be light emerging at the end of the tunnel. Within the last few days there has been talk of how a phased relaxing of restrictions will come into play, although until there is a vaccine for Coronavirus / Covid-19 there will have to be a continuation of some form of social distancing and procedures to protect global communities and shield society from another devastating spike in cases.

As yet we do not have any firm time lines, but there is much media coverage to suggest that the amount of time people are permitted to leave their homes for, and the distance from home they can travel to, will be increased by the last week in May 2020; this predicted stage of lockdown lifting coincides with the hope that some factories, shops, and offices, will reopen on 26th May with primary schools rumoured to reopen on the 1st of June.

This is very promising news as it gives a clear indication that if we all continue to pull together and follow social distancing guidelines we will continue to travel in the right direction- however, caution will still need to be applied in all areas of our personal and professional lives to ensure the country does not unwittingly create a second devastating wave of Covid-19 cases- we always knew we would be in this for the long haul.

So, what are we doing at Hunters to continue to build?

Well, this week is an extremely exciting week for us here at Hunters. Each year we run a ‘National Valuation Week’ where all Hunters branches and franchises simultaneously focus our business endeavours to reach out to our existing customers, leads, and potential customers, to offer a fully comprehensive free property valuation. With lockdown restrictions in place this event has not been able to take place in the way it usually does, but this has not stopped us in any way- this year we are simply holding the event as a ‘National Virtual Valuation Week’. This enables all our independently owned franchised businesses to really maximise on the support, marketing, technology, and national social media coverage to put the full strength of the brand behind their local branch.

The National Virtual Valuation Week is structured to provide a fully comprehensive ‘nurture journey’ for all enquiries, and conversions for property valuations, centrally from our Head Office. Once clients and potential customers have shown an interest in receiving a free valuation all details can be gained from the customer via virtual meeting, phone call, WhatsApp, FaceTime or any other remote system that suits them best; this only takes around 15 minutes of their time so is not too intrusive on their time. Once this conversation has taken place we provide them with a fully comprehensive 9-page property report that pulls together the most up to date and relevant data on their property from all the prop tech we invest in, and the expertise our local branch owners have.

The reports are created from pulling in data from Dataloft and Hometrack for example along with other services we use; then streamlining our interactions with the property owner by using our Spectre and RealCube interfaces.  For the customers, landlords, homeowners, and owners of property portfolios, this is a particularly good deal; as a business opportunity for us it is an incredible way to show-case how professional, efficient, and effective, our Hunters brand is.

During this annual event, we optimise the opportunity to synchronise our individual branch efforts to maximise presentation of our business systems collateral to the nation, while maintaining the local branch customer service we are known for.

For most local independent estate agencies this amount of investment in proptech, and the national coverage available on paid and social media, is out of reach. This is one of the real attractions of getting on board with a franchise opportunity- you have inclusive access to the strength of the national brand helping to deliver referrals directly to you; while you maintain your freedom to serve your customers at grass roots level in your community.

In these times of business uncertainty, and period of economic regrowth we are facing in response to the Coronavirus, now more than ever, is the perfect time for you to reach out and join us on our incredible journey.

To find out more about how we can help you boost your estate agency business, please get in touch with me, or why not check out our short video about how we started and a little bit more about our phenomenal growth towards becoming the nation’s favourite estate agency here.

Until next time, remember we will get through this, and stay safe,