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Lettings can be a minefield!

Legislation changes swiftly in the lettings industry and this is likely to continue if certain political parties get their way on May 7th, so it is going to be something all agents need to be aware of.

The most recent change is called the “Deregulation Act 2015” – there is no real clue to what it’s all about in the title, so here you go.

The government are bringing in many new legislative changes over the coming months changing the way agents now deal with deposits, ensuring smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors become law, the serving of various notices to tenants (for instance asking for the property back to the landlord), proportion against retaliatory eviction (nope I don’t have a clue either!) and fee transparency for landlord fees – thanks for the information Carrie (our Head of Lettings).

It’s clear that with all these changes, agents need to prepare themselves. There is an easy way to do this of course, become a Hunters franchise and we will do this for you (hint hint), so why not join our 135 strong network and let us help you.

Andy Bushell