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national-franchise-exhibition-birmingham  Our franchise really is very good!

I visited the National Franchise Show at the NEC in Birmingham this weekend, I dragged my kids along (they were delighted) and introduced them to a young lady who entertained them in a crèche for an hour whilst I had a chat with the exhibitors.

I have to say, personally I am not the biggest fan of these types of shows, it all feels a little false to me for some reason. There are numerous different options available from chimney sweeps and oven cleaning through to McDonalds, so I guess there is something for everyone, well everyone who wants to own their own business. I sat in on a couple of seminars to find out what the panel of “experts in franchising” were saying and to be honest I thought their advice was good, 2 things hit me though…

You have to work hard

Whilst one of the speakers was educating the audience I looked around to see what they were all doing, I then started listening in to mini conversations and I was watching the overall body language and then it suddenly hit me “there are people here who think they can sign up a franchise, sit back and wait for the money to roll in”. I really mean this as well, it was obvious and these people will lose everything. The thing about franchising is that it gives you a brand, a system, a method, the marketing, the technology, the training, the support etc etc but what it doesn’t give you is the need not to graft – you have to work hard in any business!

“We are very good Kevin!”

The 2nd thing I came away with was just how good we are as a franchisor. We rarely take the time to sit back and review everything our proposition has to offer but for everything the experts said you should look for, we had. I was so chuffed I had to text my boss “We are very good Kevin!”.


So there we are, my family day out to the franchise show, if you’re keen on franchising do go along, they have lots of people there to talk to and learn from, the shows take place throughout the year. The seminars are definitely worth taking time out to help you understand what you need to know, of course you could always pick the phone up and give me a ring!

Andy Bushell