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race-for-life  Race for Life

Last Sunday our head office girls got themselves organised and entered the York Race for Life. Seeing they were committing themselves to 5k of running (or in some cases walking) I thought it was only fair to go along and support them (although they were only interested in me confirming I would buy them a drink afterwards!).

The race was taking place at York Racecourse and I was amazed by the sheer size of this event. I have been to one of these previously but it was jaw dropping to see over 3,000 women turn up early on a Sunday to support this magnificent organisation. I have to say I found it increasingly more difficult to read the notices of the back of the runners highlighting the people each individual was running for, particularly the one that simply said “me”.

Our girls all did very well indeed and I take full responsibility for their success as being their coach for the day! But seriously, well done to our team and also the thousands of women who support this fantastic cause every year across the UK you’re an inspiration to us all.


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Soon the hot sunny York weather (combined with 5k of running) took its toll so there was only one thing to do… “pub girls?”!

Andy Bushell