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selling-home-in-winters  Seasonal Marketing Tips – Winters

So, you have decided to put your property on the market and winter hits. Many people (normally friends and family) will tell you that you shouldn’t try and sell at “this time of year”….rubbish!

Clearly, property can be marketed at any time of the year, but there are a few hints and tips you should consider.

Seasonal marketing

Make sure your agent is careful with the photos, particularly if your property remains unsold as we move into spring. Seasonal photographs can be very damaging (I once saw a property being marketed in August with a photo with snow on the roof!). Internal shots need thought as well, having a lounge with a Christmas tree in shot does not quite give the right impression in the middle of the summer. Keep an eye out for some other no no’s…. phrases on property details and adverts which say things like “move in before Christmas”, not great in February! and rear garden photos that leave you exposed to the rear because the trees are all bare.

Play on the plus points

Having said all of the above, this is a great time of the year to sell, so exploit what is on offer. Properties can look fantastic with snow on them (everyone loves a winter scene!), Christmas trees and decorations also make a home look special. Photos cost nothing these days, so even if you use these for just the month of December, then great! The best way to market yourself on the property portals (such as Rightmove) is with plenty of photographs and constantly changing the primary shot. If you have a nice fire, get it lit for the viewings! People laugh at estate agents who would tell you to “put the coffee on and bake some bread”, but smells can really work in your favour, particularly this time of the year, spiced apple does it for me, but you get the idea!!


written by Andy Bushell