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decorating-homes  Should I decorate the house for viewings?

I have just spent the entire weekend (literally from Friday night until late on Sunday) decorating! We have a house full coming to stay over Christmas this year and my wife is very particular about these sort of things hence out came the brushes! But this got me thinking, throughout my career whilst valuing homes for sale or let, many people would make the same statement, which normally sounds something like “the house needs decorating badly, but we are not going to bother as everyone likes to decorate when they buy a new house”….REALLY??? I don’t! in fact I cant think of anything worse – packing your entire life into boxes, moving them from one street to another and then unpacking them, but not until you have redecorated first!!

I am, of course, trivialising this as most people do want to stamp their own mark on a house. In fact, I was given some advice some time ago which was that you should always do any works to your new home within 6 months of buying, otherwise you simply lose the motivation to do it – its true, hence my weekend on “the brush”! The key thing here is not about the buyer and what they are going to do with your house when they buy it, nope! Its about getting the best price you can for your home and presentation is everything. It is amazing what a difference to prices and sale times poorly decorated properties can make. I once placed a property on the market with a red (yep that’s right RED) lounge. Everyone who viewed it were immediately put off by the colour, so I went round one weekend and helped them cover up the red with some industry standard magnolia, guess what??? yep, the next viewer bought it!


So the answer to the question is this, always present your home the best you can and when you are choosing an agent to act for you, ask them a direct question over the saleability of the property, a good agent will give you honest constructive feedback.

Andy Bushell