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Brexit: It’s still the number 1 question right now!

My working week consists of travelling, meetings, travelling, meetings (you get the idea) and every day I get asked the same question, it has been the number 1 question for some time now…..

How has the Brexit vote impacted the housing market?


I thought I would mention it on here, it is a concern, of course it is, but behind all the media noise and sleepless nights for many agents up and down the country the answer is not that exciting. The truth of the matter is that for pretty much every business I speak to (both Hunters and independents) there really has been no change. Yes, the first couple of days customers expressed their nervousness, this was seen with a slight drop in viewing numbers, but the quality of the viewings that were taking place were very good, therefore the same (expected) number of sales resulted. Many people were concerned this could cause us to go back in recession as we saw in 2007/2008, but the difference here is money. The banks are lending as per norm and the interest rates are super low, so this is still a brilliant time to buy or move.


What do I think will happen during the period leading up to full exit from Europe? It is still an unknown of course, but it is over such a long period and countries do want to work with the UK, so im guessing (and it is just a Bushy guess) that it will remain “business as usual”.


Andy Bushell