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Take some time out and get it right!

With so much going on in the world right now, the media are understandably focused on all things Trump and Brexit and this can be detrimental to estate agency businesses. Not necessarily because of any impact these 2 major things are having on the market, but more about the fact it is easy to take your eye off the ball at a time when the entire success of the year can be won or lost with the actions branches take at this time of the year.

I thought I would add my top 3 tips to this blog, the things that I would be doing right now if I were running my own agency:

You must have a plan

Marketing your business is critical. As I have said many times before, there is no silver bullet (it’s a shame as we would all be doing it), and therefore organising a strong year-long marketing plan to your thinking needs to be done. Leaflets, advertising, SEO, 20/20, sold in your street, past values etc. the list is endless, so review your actions and plan for it.

Target driven

Ensuring that you know what you want to achieve for the year is important. If you don’t know, you will never achieve it or indeed surpass it, so having your key targets broken down across the year is hugely important. It is just as important for your branch colleagues too, they also need to know if they are doing well or falling short, this will help you identify coaching needs and for the branch team to hit that important annual business target.

Remember the basics and do them brilliantly

This may seem obvious, but looking after the basics properly will help you achieve your goals. I still get annoyed when I hear people not answering the phone properly, not standing when customers come into the office and not wowing them with great service. I have always judged branches on the overall experience they create and I am always looking for the team to be on the phone – don’t forget, if the phones are not ringing, then you are simply not making enough calls!

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, those who have been in this industry for a while will appreciate that, but the ones I have mentioned can easily be missed, so my final piece of advice is to take some time out and get it right!

Andy Bushell