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Our Managing Director, Kevin Hollinrake, was interviewed recently by an industry reporter where he gave an update on our expansion plans and the future of Hunters Property Group. I thought it would only be fair to update the readers here on his comments just in case you missed them.

At Hunters, we are the UK’s fastest growing independent estate agency group and we are committed to expanding our network with more high street offices. So far this year we have opened 6, but we do expect to open a further 10 during these lovely spring months.

During Kevin’s interview he was asked to comment on his opinion regarding “online only estate agents” and this is what he had to say…..

He said the internet was a useful tool – but the home-moving public still want the reassurance of a local presence, including seeing agents working in physical offices.

“Hunters have a very high presence both online and on the high street. We see being online as a crucial and effective way to market properties, and estate agents must have an online presence in today’s market.

“However, I do not envisage Hunters will go down a purely online route, as I believe customers are looking for a personal service from an adviser with local knowledge when looking to rent, buy, let or sell a property.

“This level of service can only be achieved via a local branch.

“The internet is a good tool for attracting business within the property market, but at the end of the day, customers will usually pay a visit to the local branch dealing with the property as they desire the personal service that they can provide.

“Making moves within the property market can often involve a lot of money. As such, customers feel uncomfortable making these decisions without an agent who will talk them through each step of the way.

“Our customers are given reassurance when they visit our local branches and can see that the team operating in that office are experts on the property market within the area.”

All very interesting boss and I agree 100% with you and so do the scores of businesses looking to join our expanding network, next up will be branches in a variety of locations, including London, Warrington, North Shields and Suffolk.


We will exceed 140 by the end of the year (no I am not putting that in writing Kevin!), I like the subtle way I have been given my target – via the news and its 500!

Andy Bushell