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Hunters Estate Agents celebrate 3rd anniversary of HNQ.

I really love anniversaries, personal ones, company ones, anniversaries for business, local, national, global ones; I love them all. The reason why I love them so much is that they allow us to show recognition for things present and past. I think it is really important to take stock of what we as individuals and businesses have achieved- either in the moment or retrospectively. These acknowledgements give us time to appreciate how far something has come, and perhaps help define and refine our future efforts towards the next milestone.

Those of you that regularly read my blogs will know I am passionate about our training academy, so I was delighted to realise we have hit our 3-year anniversary for the Hunters National Qualification (HNQ).

Our HNQ is industry accredited and a nationally recognised estate agent qualification endorsed by ARLA and NAEA, it is not just an in-house certificate of attendance!

Our training academy has been growing in strength since it started in 2006, but early in 2016 we launched our professional 3 tier qualification and October 2016 saw our first cohort successfully pass the first presentation of course; this put them well on the way to building the firm foundations to progress their careers with The Hunters  Property Group, and increase their knowledge and confidence in the jobs they do.


The 3 tiers are the introductory HNQ award in sales and lettings, this covers the basics such as lead generation, viewings, and general law. The basic award leads into the HNQ certificate which takes these skills and learning outcomes further, continued learning sees the course participant achieve the

highest level of HNQ diploma. Successful completion of the HNQ makes the participant eligible to apply for pro-membership of ARLA and the NAEA, and possibly more impressively, earns the honour of the Gold Hunters Badge to wear with pride upon their lapel!

Our training academy is offered to all Hunters team members from office administrators, to negotiators, through to the business owner. This is because we recognise that building a successful business is easier to achieve and personally more fulfilling if the journey is made together.

So, as you can see there is plenty to shout about on the third anniversary of the HNQ awards.

Since the first course participants dipped their toes into the Hunters knowledge pool, 284 dedicated staff have successfully graduated our Training Academy with an HNQ diploma to add to their list of accolades. I see this as a fantastic achievement as it shows how many people have been offered this training and have gone for it, improving not just their professionalism in the workplace, but more importantly they have improved their own knowledge and built on their personal development which is something that can never be taken away from them.

I am really interested to see where the HNQ will take the company next as it has really gained traction during 2019, out of the 284 course participants that have earned their diploma, 197 have done so just in this year…onwards and upwards as they say!




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