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showing-your-home1  Top 4 Home Showing Tips

How do I show someone round my house on a viewing?

Great question (I hear you all cry), the easy answer though is instruct Hunters and we do it for you.

The end!

If only writing a blog was that easy! and seeing we don’t quite cover the entire country (well not yet), if you find yourself in the position of having to show prospects around your home, let me offer you a couple of hints and tips!

Light up the home!

When I say light it up, what I really mean is lighting can truly make a room. Subtle side lamps win hands down over a strong ceiling light (what my mum would call the big light!), particularly in these winter months, think cosy, think soft. Make sure the lights are on in each room before the buyer visits (it all looks a bit clumsy fumbling around for those little annoying lamp switches in the dark!).

Start and finish in the best room

This works every time, trust me (im an estate agent!). Let me take you back 6 years ago there’s me and the Mrs, we are on viewing number 4 and the agent meets us outside the house. Straight through the hall, past the lounge into the kitchen and says “right lets start here”, well at least that’s what I thought he had said, we were both to busy moving our furniture into the awesome kitchen/dinner that was laid out in front of us! First and last impressions really work, don’t try and be to cleaver by saving the best bit for last, hit them smack in the face when they get to your home and once again on their way out for good measure!


Let the viewer in first

What’s the top 2 of reasons why people reject property – location and size, so when you’re showing someone round, open the door and let them in first and even stay out of the room completely if needs be – yep, less people in room = more space. Nice easy little tip this one and so is tip number 4.

They’re not stupid!

There is nothing more annoying than someone showing you around a home, walking into the kitchen and saying “and this is the kitchen!”, no way Sherlock there was me about to check the size to see if my Saab will park in here! The biggest problem is that people feel you need to talk about the rooms of the house as you are walking round, but you don’t. You’re not a surveyor, builder or agent, so don’t try too hard. People tend to buy from people, so be yourself and be interested in them a few open questions as you are walking around will do the trick, trust me they will know when they are in the kitchen!

I hope this helps, it is really the job of the estate agent but let’s not get me started on lazy estate agents today, I will save that for another time!

Andy Bushell