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What a fantastic weekend!

As mentioned in a previous post, during our March conference we announced the winners of our top performers trip and we have all just returned from the fabulous Monte Carlo.


Joined by nearly 30 award winners from across the UK, we flew out on Friday morning to Nice, followed by a helicopter transfer to Monaco. Staying at one of the best hotels, everyone was treated to fantastic restaurants including dinner at the simply jaw dropping Casino Monte Carlo on Friday night. On Saturday we (somehow) managed to get all 30 onto a train for the short journey to nearby Eze, where we had a long lunch at a lovely beach restaurant.


A great time was had by all, with brilliant people enjoying their well-deserved prize. It’s Rome next year and neither I or my colleagues can wait to host another successful trip.


Thanks to all of those who came, you made the weekend and you all very much deserved your time away.


Andy Bushell

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