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When it comes to the most commonly asked question, “why would I choose a franchise?” is easily number 1 in my most asked list. More and more companies/individuals are looking at the ever changing housing market and need to consider many things that in previous times would not have been required. Whether they are existing estate agency businesses looking to join a network or individuals looking to start a brand new venture, franchising in the estate agency sector must be at least considered.

I have always appreciated that franchising is not for everyone, but for anyone worried that they will lose control of their business fear not, we do not take a stake in your company, we are essentially another supplier able to bring many positives to help you expand and grow your company.

So what are these key benefits:

Regulation and compliance

This is something that estate agents are coming under (quite rightly) increasing changes for and many of the pending ideas that the Government has planned for our sector will take precious time and money for independent agents to keep up with. With Hunters, we deal with this and ensure you are up to date with all the challenges regulation and compliance brings.

National brand recognition

In the past estate agency was always a local “corner shop” industry, with family branded names serving a community. Unfortunately, this has changed with nationwide brands taking more and more market share with the ability to invest in marketing such as national TV campaigns. This has been proven by a number of companies, with us here at Hunters being one of them, we were also the first to advertise nationally on the TV too!

Training and support

Staff retention and recruitment can often be a challenge for independent firms and being able to provide high quality training and development for all staff (directors/owners included) really is key. We our very proud of our Hunters training academy, which provides national qualifications for all staff free of charge. Our national trainers work closely with the franchise support team to ensure that every branch receives the right level of training and support to make their business the success they desire.

Technology and marketing

Something else that has massively impacted our industry is the way in which customers want to interact with their agents. Having the latest technology is critical and at Hunters we have our own software company providing our network with the latest that technology can offer. We don’t rest on our laurels either, our software is constantly being developed to ensure our partners stay ahead of the game.

Group buying power

Any business owner will tell you that keeping your costs down is key to successful profit and we are geared up to help with just that. We can help with many cost savings due to our group buying power, with portal savings being a major one. To find out more please get in touch.

The above list is not everything of course, many other things can sometimes be just as important, for instance being surrounded by likeminded business owners sharing ideas, joined up local marketing and passing quality leads to one another. If you’re still not convinced take a look at our testimonial pages and see exactly what our franchise partners say about us or give me a call, I would love to talk to you.

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