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As I have mentioned in previous posts over the years, once people find out what I do for a living they often seek advice on buying and selling. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Hunters Andy’ (as I tend to get called) loves chatting about this sort of thing and I got hit with one last weekend.


Let me describe the position – a friend of mine is selling their property (unfortunately in an area that Hunters do not yet cover) and have been on the market for months without a bite. In fact, it’s worse than that, in all the time they have been ‘for sale’ they have only had 2 viewings, the last of which was over 6 weeks ago.


I quizzed them over the property and talked to them about price, clearly having an overpriced property will hold back interest, but if only it was as simple as that; the price in this case is correct.


We then discussed the agent, how proactive they are and whether they were the right people to get the result they wanted, once again looked and sounded fine by me. I then went online to take a look at the property and immediately saw the problem… the photos!


Ok, it might sound obvious but having decent photos are so important and this was the list I gave to my friends to give them an understanding:


Quality of images – looked like someone had taken them on a 1998 Nokia mobile phone!
Clutter – how much furniture? Time to get rid of some for the time being.
Cars – you’re selling your house not your car, so get it off the drive!
Overgrown – I have a mate who cuts down trees and bushes for a living, you need his number.
Bin – is that really a bin next to the front door?
Number – you need more than 5 pictures, go for at least double that.


They did of course question whether that would make a difference, but trust me it will! A good number of quality images showing the property in its best light really does make a difference.


They haven’t had them changed as I type this, it has only been 2 days, but if you’re reading guys (you know who you are) I’m watching and waiting to see the difference, followed by a sold board!


Andy Bushell

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