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Well there’s a million dollar question and one I have been asked dozens of times recently, so what is the answer?

There seems to be much confusion out there and at the moment the price of sterling is being hit (not great if you have a foreign holiday booked) and in my opinion, there is a lack of information coming out either which is a worry. I note that our Chairman (and MP) Kevin Hollinrake is backing Mr Cameron with a “let’s stay in” vote, but the divide in Government does seem to show that it really is a jump in the dark right now – what will be best for the country and (for purposes of this entry) the housing market……do we back Dave or Boris?


From speaking to a colleague recently, his view was to stay in because at least that way someone is keeping an eye on us, but I have also heard that even if we vote to “Brexit” it will take 9 years for that to be completed. This being correct, I can therefore only conclude, that this is just “noise” right now, but unfortunately noise can affect the market (the general election is a good example of this, which caused a blip in transactions last year) so we may see something similar, but overriding this is always the fact that people want to, or need to move. Property transaction levels are normally fairly consistent and from what I can see prices are still steadily increasing so hopefully the impact should be minor.


I have yet to decide which way I will vote, im guessing BBC Question Time will feature a lot on my Sky planner over the next few months.


Andy Bushell