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Following on from my entry last week, there will be lots of buyers and sellers across the country who will be dreaming of being in a new home for Christmas. Well the good news is that there is still time, but you will need to be quick, I thought I would give you some hints on achieving this goal:

Choose the right agent

Picking the right agent is always key (Hunters is a clear choice of course!) as even though many consumers think agents just take a few photos and place it on the internet, it really is far more complicated than that. A good agent is proactive in marketing, they will have lists of qualified buyers who can complete at speed and they won’t sit back for photos to be taken or details to be uploaded, this is the kind of action you need. Furthermore, after the sale has been agreed, a good agent will get the transaction through in time, ensuring all parties are moving at the right pace – this is critical for a quick move.

Get the pricing right

Don’t give it away, but listen to the advice of your agent. Do make sure they back up their pricing with quality evidence of other properties that they have sold, cheap looking properties can also struggle as buyers worry “what’s wrong with it” so take time to get this right. You should do your own research as well, there are plenty of sites on the web that can help you, so take some time out to get to grips with the price.

De clutter

Presentation makes all the difference. At this time of year we are all starting to shop for early gifts and those 6ft snooker tables have to be hidden somewhere, but please make sure presents, decorations and general clutter is tucked away and out of sight.


If you are looking to make a pre-Christmas move, all the very best to you and one more important thing… don’t forget to tell Santa your new address!

Andy Bushell