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Busy? You have no idea!

It’s a standard question we all get asked all the time whether its friends, family or your local publican “you busy at work?” the answer is so easy right now… YES!

Although I tend to write about many things on this blog, I guess from time to time it’s good to actually talk about the job (that’s what this section of our website was really designed for in the first place!) so a little update from me in terms of how our national network is growing seems to be in order.

We are not the largest team at Hunters Franchising, but I would like to say we are perfectly formed and in all honesty well drilled, I guess we have to be with the number of new branches we are bringing to the network. Over the past 7 weeks we have launched 27 branches via some strategic mergers, conversions of existing quality independent estate & letting agents and brand new “cold start” openings. These branches are all over the country (16 opening in September and in fairness 3 today alone!) from Salisbury in the south all the way to Bishop Auckland in the north and many in between. It won’t stop there either as we have many more to open by the end of the year which should bring our yearly openings to over 50 and our network in total to 150 branches. Over the course of the next 5 years we intend to grow this further with a plan to ultimately have 500 branches across the UK! Now is a good time to speak to us if this is something you are considering whilst the location is still available (all my details are within this website so feel free to make contact).


So to my friends, family, drinking buddies… sorry I haven’t seen you or spoken to you a great deal recently, don’t take it personally, am just a touch busy!

Andy Bushell