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8-jan-nat  Can I start by wishing everyone a massive Happy New Year, I am sure like me you are still full of Turkey and just raring to go.

I have been able to arrange for a guest “blogger” this week, Natalie Murray-Hurst. Natalie is an interior designer who has worked closely with Hunters over the years developing our branch office design and brand, she’s a hugely talented individual. Here she shares with us some of her hot tips on presenting your home for sale, enjoy!

Dress to Sell

Any house for sale must be the best presented house on the street to maximise its value potential. Many houses struggling to find a buyer can be great looking homes in good locations, but they have been let down by poor decorating and interior presentation. Making rooms look bigger, brighter and more attractive to a potential buyer is easy to achieve and every house has the potential to be a beautiful home, it’s just knowing where to start.

So where should you start when preparing your house to sell? Here are some tips to improve people’s perception of your home and hopefully encourage offers to come flooding in from potential purchasers.

1) Eliminate Clutter and Simplify

Clutter should be dealt with and stored away out of sight. This will help to maximise on space, create a tidier appearance and help to de-personalise the home. Remember, prospective buyers are looking to make your house their home, so de-personalising rooms is essential.

2) Keep it Neutral

Try to avoid bright colours by keeping to a neutral colour pallet, especially for walls, floors and curtains. Bright colours are fine for small decorative detail such as scatter cushions and general accessories but should be kept to a minimum.

3) Fix It

From leaking taps to cracked tiles, make sure all minor repairs are taken care of. A lick of paint will freshen scuffs and scrapes on woodwork and basic maintenance work will help to ensure potential buyers don’t find faults.

4) Don’t Build Barriers

It is important that your furniture arrangement facilitates movement through rooms. Make sure chairs and tables do not obstruct traffic, leave space for easy access and movement within rooms. Leave just enough furniture in each room to showcase the room’s purpose, you don’t want prospective buyers scratching their heads wondering what a room is used for.

5) Kitchen Facelift

If your kitchen is dated, simple improvements can make all the difference, such as painting kitchen units, replacing door handles, redecoration, adding new blinds and artwork and keeping items on the counter-tops to a minimum.

Ensure your property is dressed and ready for presentation when the photographer or agent takes the photos for website marketing and promotional material – not afterwards. This is the first place people will see inside your property so you want it to look its very best.


A stylish interior will not only attract attention but will inspire. Give prospective purchasers as much opportunity as you can for them to see themselves living in your house and you’ll give yourself a fantastic head start, and finally, clean, dust and tidy everywhere, open windows, add a vase or two of fresh flowers, and, yes, put that pot of coffee on!


Natalie Murray-Hurst