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barcelona  Hola Barcelona!

I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a travel writer, never done it before so it’s about time I started. Having said that this blog of mine needs to try and stay a little bit property related I guess so writing about foreign locations has always been… well not allowed, until now!

As I type, I am awaiting my return flight home after visiting the wonderful city of Barcelona with our top 20 performers from the last 12 months. Here at Hunters we like to celebrate success with our annual competition and this year we have brought everyone to this amazing Catalan city (that’s the work bit out of the way).

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Barcelona before, in fact, I had the worst hangover of my life here, fortunately that didn’t happen again, but I didn’t really get to the heart of this city then.

We had limited time, but getting to the Camp Nou (for the non footy fans this is the home of Barcelona FC) was important to me and what a sight this is, whether you like football or not, to see such a steep sided stadium is simply amazing and the trophy room looked like our Hunters boardroom (got us in again phew!), this stadium is a must see for young and old alike (it also has the biggest footy MEGA store I’ve ever seen, in which Ed Jones (our FD) pretty much bought everything!).

From there we headed down to Las Ramblas to check out the very smart locals all heading for the most colourful market I have ever been in. The smells in this place were simply mind blowing and the fish tapas bar we found in the middle of this place was amazing – the freshest fish, cooked perfectly with ice cold dry wine… yum!

Further down to the south of the city you reach the coast, with plenty of large cruise ships making their way in and out of the port. To the left is a lovely sandy beach surrounded by numerous bars and restaurants, slightly further along is the marina which was built for the Olympics and also houses many restaurants and shops.

The architecture across the whole of the city is fascinating, many important influences have taken place here, with Gaudi the obvious starter for 10, his Catedral de Familia is… well you have to see it to comment really, but trust me you have to see it! This is a place where you need to bring your camera, don’t rely on your phone in this city; bring a proper device to take some awesome pictures.


Before I visited you hear the normal stories of muggings and this is something which is clearly tarnishing a beautiful city. We were all lucky I have to say and we had no bother, but many do mainly because they wonder in dark streets in the evening or have loose bags/jewellery on show. I am told the culprits are foreign to Spain, the locals will chase them away when they see them, best advices is be careful, use the billions of taxi’s available and leave your best sparkly stuff at home.

Barcelona is a 2 hour flight from the UK & the weather, people, food and architecture make this a brilliant weekend break location. It’s not particularly cheap (if you want that go to Prague), but it is classy and I will definitely be back!


Next year we will be taking our winners to New York, so hopefully this won’t be the last travel blog I write, but a massive congratulations to those winners who joined us, I hope you all had as much of a brilliant time as I did?

Andy Bushell