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How can I help?

I was asked the question recently (from a friend) who has just put his house on the market, and he wanted to know what he could do to help the agent get the best level of interest. Now of course, I would normally point out at this stage the importance of using the right agent (Hunters, obviously!!) and ensuring they are a professional outfit etc, etc. But for the purpose of this entry, I’m going to answer his question – my number 1 tip to help your agent….



It seems obvious really that when you place your property on the market (for sale or let) you want to show your place off in the best light, but trust me, so many people get this wrong. Having great photos really does help with the sale, and presenting your home properly for viewings will hopefully clinch that all important buyer. So, here are some pointers:


Tidy the garden

Front and back are equally important! The front garden is often the first view of the property, the back garden is really another reception room.


Wash the windows

Clean windows means a clean house, people think this without even knowing.



Possessions can get in the way and make a house feel both smaller and too much like someone else’s, you want your house to be an appealing blank canvas.


Clean the kitchen and bathroom

Sales are won and lost on these two rooms, so make sure they are as clean as a whistle!


Remember “curb appeal”

I know it’s a bit of a naff estate agents term, but it’s true. When potential buyers look at your property (both online and at a viewing) it is always about the first impression. So get rid of any bins, paint the front door, and take a step back without any rose tinted specs on and ask, “does this look good?”

A good agent (like Hunters!!) will talk you through these things when they value your home. Don’t be offended, they are trying to help you get the best possible price, and if they don’t give you the feedback ask them! Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.


Andy Bushell