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How to Stake Your Claim on an Area

You’ve established your branch, now what? What can you do to stake a claim on the area you’re working in? Today, we’re going to give you a list of activities and best practises to help you immerse yourself in your community and make you the go to person in the area for fantastic listings and property advice.

Become a local area expert

This first one is going to take time, and that’s why we’re starting off with it! Becoming a local expert is something that you should be focused on every single day. This is going to involve:

  • Asking questions about local developments
  • Understanding the quality of amenities in your area
  • Knowing about the local schools

You don’t have to be sales-y, being genuine will do far more for you in the long run. So whatever your personal style of interaction is, go with it! Knowing about your area, and being genuinely passionate about it will always keep you in good stead.

With this said, developing your sales skills and learning to identify what is most important to prospective buyers is important. A young professional probably isn’t concerned with the quality of the local primary school, and parents are likely to be less concerned with clubbing. Your pitch needs to be adaptable, because no two buyers are completely alike!

Immerse yourself in the community

This can be done in a variety of ways, and depending on how much time you have or want to devote you can do a variety of things.

Many schools are now emphasising the importance of transferrable skills into the workplace. This can be things like the use of maths in accounting and understanding taxes, practical business skills (like yours!) are highly valuable to the community, and being involved will help keep you up to date and top of mind.

Be honest, and keep their best interests at heart

You’re sensible people, but if you can’t guarantee a sale in a set period of time, you should never, EVER promise it. A broken promise is far worse than no promise at all. So if the market is slow, you should be prepared to tell you sellers this if they ask. Being an estate agent, being a great estate agent, requires you to deliver on your promises every time, so use promises sparingly.

It doesn’t always have to be that harsh, if you think a property could actually fetch a higher price by being staged in a different way, advise your clients of this – it’s in their best interests after all.

Answer every question

Not every question is a great question, but every question should get a legitimate and considerate answer. Often, questions that could be solved with a quick Google will come through to you, and it can feel frustrating to be looking through your database for something that the enquirer could have easily checked themselves. If the pressure is mounting up it can be easy to let the ‘silly’ questions slide, but you have to fight this! Answering these little questions helps build your reputation and bring in more potential leads – it’s easier to trust someone with big tasks if they have a proven history of solving every problem and answering every question.

Ask for feedback

Feedback helps you grow consistently, and, believe it or not, the worst word you can hope for when receiving feedback is, ‘fine’. ‘Fine’ doesn’t tell you anything, it doesn’t tell you what someone loved about your service, or what areas there are to improve upon. Negative feedback isn’t something that anyone wants to receive, but you can learn more from a single negative comment than 10 people saying ‘fine’.

Rather than asking for verbal feedback, create and distribute a feedback form for your customers. This way you’re not going to forget any little details of what has been said, and customers can avoid the discomfort of directly delivering uncomfortable news. It’s easy to take negative feedback personally, or to fixate on a smaller detail rather than the wider picture, written communication will help you combat this.

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