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Its time to sell!

The market is back with a vengeance and our network of branches up and down the country are reporting record levels of business, for many homeowners, now is the time to finally move after a number of years of waiting.


Taking the first step of deciding to sell is massive, but next it’s all about getting the best price for your home. Good estate agents will advise you on this, but alas not all are as good as others, so here are just a couple of little tips to help you make your home more attractive to prospective buyers:

First impression count

Most people have heard the “kerb appeal” phrase but it is true, making the front of the property look as attractive as possible can make a real difference for both viewing numbers and offers. Tidying the front garden, making sure the windows/paintwork is clean and maybe the odd hanging basket can make a difference. This is time rather than expense to the seller, but do take a step back and try to look at your property without blinkers on.

It must be clean!

I know this seems an obvious one, but you would be amazed how many properties I have valued in the past that have been simply filthy. If you are a landlord selling a rented property this could be a challenge, don’t just accept the fact the tenants say its clean and tidy, get round and have a look before any viewings take place.

Hide the clutter

We all have clutter, we somehow become magnets to it, but it can affect the saleability of a property so get rid of it, you want the property to be as appealing as possible to as many people as possible. I once went into a house where the owner collected children’s dolls, not only was it affecting interest, it was also kind of scary!

Take the dogs out

I have dogs and I love them, but not everyone loves a big hairy mutt jumping up at them sniffing places where they really shouldn’t, so get them out for a walk whilst the viewing is taking place, the dogs will be happy with that too!

Decorate and touch up

This can be a bit more expense and time but making sure the walls and word work are displayed the best you can is well worth the effort.

These are my “top tips” I hope they are of interest, for further tips on this subject visit our property guide pages

Andy Bushell