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hunters-logo  Preparing for the conference!

The hustle and bustle of our head office right now is at a fever pitch as we make the final preparations to this year’s Hunters National Conference and it’s going to be amazing!

Over the years we have always brought the company together, but as we have grown in size (the fastest growing estate agency business in the UK I would like to add) so has the conference. We like these to be held at “home” (York that is) and the only place big enough now is York Racecourse, as literally hundreds of estate agents come to town!

We have a great show in place for them all as well, with industry speakers, seminars and our key note speaker being Sir Clive Woodward (and he should be amazing), all wrapped off with a gala meal and the odd glass of vino too!

One of the main events during the conference is our annual awards ceremony, we celebrate the successes of our franchisees and our group colleagues’ performances with beautiful glass awards, but that’s not all!! Last year we took 20 winners on a fantastic trip to Barcelona, the winners this year (of which there are 23!) will be joining us for 4 days in New York! You want to see the agenda for the trip as well – Broadway shows, Baseball game and a helicopter flight across the city! Of course due to the nature of my job I HAVE to go as well as they all need looking after! The trip is at the end of May so I will be writing something on that on my return and good luck to all those with a fighting chance on joining me in the Big Apple.


Our conference is in a couple of weeks’ time, I will report back on that as well!

Andy Bushell