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Wait until after Christmas?

Yep, its that time of the year again, when tinsel lines the mantel, staff parties fill the local bars with Santa hat wearing colleagues and Slade makes another fortune from “merry Christmas everyone”, but its also a time when I get asked the same question 100 times over – “is it best to wait until after Christmas to sell my house Bushy?”.

Interesting question, I can see the reasons why not because lets face it when the house is knee deep in wrapped presents and the kids are already struggling to sleep at night in anticipation of the big day, that the thought of having people coming around could be a bit of a nightmare, but………

The thing is many people think that buyers are not interested at this time, but I have news for you for 2 very good reasons:

Number 1
Properties can look very nice this time of the year, lets face it most people like twinkling lights and the smells associated with Christmas (maybe not the ones that have anything to do with sprouts that is) and therefore properties look very, well homely. Surely there is not better time to show someone round your home than when it looks like this? Be weary though, you don’t want it to look cluttered it may make the property feel small so do think it through.

Number 2
This is the key one! Christmas time everyone gets new devices (iphones, ipads, laptops etc) and Christmas Day is one of the busiest online days of the year for that very reason. Sites such as (hint hint), Rightmove, Zoopla etc receive great levels of hits and these people could be looking at your home.

My advice, get it on the market now and make the most of the season, having said that please make sure that any photos that your agent uses that have decorations etc in them are retaken in the new year and you never know, it could be a merry Christmas for everyone!

Andy Bushell