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hunters-logo  Its 4:45am on Monday morning and that horrendous sound of my iPhone alarm is ringing in my ear, “going on holiday Bushy?” I hear you all ask, nope… got to get to York HQ nice and early this week as we are rushed off our feet!

As soon as the 3rd cup of coffee kicked in on my Cross Country train heading north, I was able to start preparing for the day/week. You see the thing is, we have started offering such a brilliant package for existing independent businesses to join our network, its gone… well mental! Now I know this little blog of mine shouldn’t be an advert for Hunters (whenever I do that I always take grief from a hard core group of followers) but this is my blog and it is on a Hunters website so here goes (sorry guys!).

The key thing here is that you have to change your business for the right reasons:

We will lower your costs

We pass all negotiated discounts directly to you, particularly group portal savings.

We will increase your income

We work hard providing you with extra income, corporate (repossessions) listings are key to this.

We help you expand

New locations, new territories and the use of our brilliant Personal Agent scheme.

Latest technology and marketing

We have it all, superior website with mobile apps and our own marketing suite including beautiful brochures and Exclusive homes branding.

The best training and support

We will look after you, train you, help you and keep you adrift of any changes to the laws.

Looks good doesn’t it! The 30 branches that are working to come across right now think so and you know what it gets better…


For the right partners we offer a brilliant package to tempt you across, trust me its market leading. Want to know more? Feel free to give me a call or drop me a line details are all on our contact page.

Back to my normal ramblings next week, I promise!

Andy Bushell